The idea of considering bamboo as a natural source to develop natural Eco baby diapers appears at first thought,  improbable and potentially absurd considering the history of such a necessity.

Baby diapers have seen a long history. Baby diapers begun as skins being used as diapers and this usage had continued for a prolonged period. In more recent history, the 19th century; linen had been used as baby diapers, this led to the subsequent development of cotton diapers. The middle of the 20th century, more so the 60s, seen the advent of the ‘disposable diaper’. The disposable diaper revolutionized the diaper world and a struggle for dominance ensued; between the disposable diapers and the age-old cotton diaper. This struggle for dominance has never abated and this continues well into the 21st century.

It is true, that our world has traditionally focused on cotton as the central source for baby diapers. The technological development and research have recently led to bamboo being seriously considered as a resource and this has created another shift in the market place where access to bamboo baby diapers has been made easily accessible !.

This disruption of the Eco-friendly baby diaper does, however, raise a number of questions; is there research on it?, what is it that research reflects ?, why should we use Eco baby diapers?, should we be using bamboo baby diapers?, How comfortable are Eco baby diapers? Are there other aspects to consider in using bamboo baby diapers?.

What does the research indicate?

Research reflects that bamboo developed Eco baby diapers provide the best in absorption and comfort. Other pieces of research reflect a combination of both bamboo and cotton achieve considerable levels of absorption and comfort. It has also been experienced; that bamboo, absorbs liquids many times more than cotton. This makes bamboo itself, a serious resource to be considered in the development of Eco baby diapers.[1]


10. Baby Diaper Research - Photo by twinsfisch on UnsplashOngoing research also reflects the variations in the combination ratio of cotton and bamboo in determining its absolute efficacy.The usage as bamboo does, however, raise questions relating to its safety, the comfort it provides and the appropriateness of bamboo in baby diapers. Research may provide a certain level of insight, contrarily user experience provides a totally richer view on the usage of a product and such experience often gives insight often overlooked by research.[2]



Why should we use bamboo baby diapers?

7. Bamboo Nappies - Photo by The Honest Company on UnsplashBamboo based products appear safe to be used by those who suffer allergies reflecting its overall safety. Bamboo is generally considered a natural anti-septic. Should bamboo baby diapers be compared to cotton only based baby diapers, the variation between these diaper types is greater, reflecting that bamboo provides enhanced safety and hygiene. Most Eco baby diaper resources are tested extensively to ensure baby safety and hygiene. The process of developing bamboo into user-friendly resources follows similar processes as these other resources, this further enhances the capability of bamboo-based products. The similarity in the process, however, does not translate to the traditional baby diapers themselves being similar to Eco baby diapers, nor guarantee the same effectiveness as a bamboo resourced product. Eco baby diapers, therefore, remain the option for those who wish to consider such an alternative.


How comfortable are bamboo diapers?

Bamboo based textiles are often softer than most baby diaper materials, this provides greater comfort than most cotton only baby diaper products. The question then arises; how comfortable is this for baby?. The comfort of bamboo baby diapers would be relative to the age of the baby and the phase within which the baby begins using cotton or bamboo diapers. The result of baby output differs according to what is baby’s dietary intake and the related age of the baby. Thus cotton only or its derivative may be appropriate when output is in solid form, but not comfortable in earlier phases when dietary intake differs considerably in these earlier phases.6. Baby Diaper Layers - Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash.

Most comfortable during these phases is the usage of bamboo baby diapers as the appropriate choice of Eco baby diapers.

The appropriate fit and comfort regardless of dietary intake and form of output make bamboo diapers the selected alternative.


What are other aspects to consider regarding bamboo diapers?

Babies often face the discomfort of skin rashes and irritable skin, resulting as usage of the of some types of diapers. This discomfort may, however, be avoided, should consideration be given to Eco baby diapers and more so to bamboo baby diapers. The usage of Eco baby diapers is found to alleviate the discomfort which arises through skin rashes and skin irritation. It appears that this level of discomfort has been totally avoided through the usage of bamboo baby diapers. Some brands may appear to provide the Eco-friendly baby diapers look and feel whilst retaining the traditional diaper, but these are often not absolute as the content that goes into producing such diapers often fail in meeting reasonable levels of Eco-friendly.



In essence; we find that as a technologically advanced society our development and usage of items have evolved. This evolution is apparent in a range of aspects; from the way we write; the pen to a keyboard, our modes of transport; traveling on foot to depressing an accelerator. So too; has baby care evolved to the levels of sophistication we could never have imagined ten years ago or even at that five years ago.

In countries where predominantly British English is the language, the ‘napkin’ was the term of use instead of the diaper. In Canadian and U. S influenced countries the ‘diaper’ is the term. Happy Baby - Shelby Miller-

Today, these terms vary; “bamboo baby diapers”, “Eco-friendly diapers” to just “baby diapers”.

What we do know is that these terms are not altogether the same.

The variance of these terms captures the essential differences between them and their application.

Being gifted with technology, we have managed to research and develop better products and baby care has now evolved to a different level. This new level of baby care brings about greater comfort, fewer tears and more joy for Baby!




[1] Study of Bamboo and Cotton Blended Baby Diapers, O.L. Shanmugasundaram, R.V. Mahendra Gowda, Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, ISSN: 1560-6074, Publication date: 1 November 2011

[2] Disposable Diapers, Catherine H Banks,,

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