Types and Categories of Diapers

The world of baby diapers is made up of a myriad of diapers and options. This can become overwhelming and often daunting. In our recent history we remember the classic cloth diaper, buckets of water around the house, sterilizers and other archaic options. The advent of the disposable diaper had then revolutionised baby care. The new world of the disposable diaper took the world by storm and we thought that it symbolized the end of the ‘cloth nappy’.
Decades later, the cloth nappy is alive and well, used across the globe and has some loyal fans. This has called for new methods of cleaning, diaper services. The diaper service picks up and launders these soiled diapers. In addition, other ancillary services are also rendered as part of the diaper service.
Other than the disposable diaper and the cloth nappy (napkin in the English world), the range of diaper types and categories is potentially unlimited.

Types of Diapers
The basic understanding of the types of diapers begins with; disposables and second to it cloth. Cloth may be considered a legacy by some who favour disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers
The Disposable diaper has a complex structure and thus the variation in disposable diaper types is potentially endless.
Disposable diapers maybe biodegradable or not, this would depend on the type of material being utilised in the core of the diaper.
– Design

o Disposable Diapers
The ordinary diaper contains in the core material which may not necessarily be biodegradable. Thus, the range in variation in the types of disposable diapers. These diapers are made up various types of materials as we may be familiar with in a disposable diaper.
o Disposable Bamboo Diapers
The inner core of the diaper is material sourced from bamboo, which increases the absorption and hygiene capability of the diaper. These biodegradable diapers make it much more environmentally friendly as compared to other diapers.
– Contents
Other variations occur in terms of whether some utilise dyes, perfumes and other chemicals in order to sufficiently deal with output whether in liquid or solid. Other types of diapers exclude such dyes or perfumes to avoid baby rash.

– Fit
Disposable diapers vary in their fit and purpose. This fit requirements also consider the gender anatomical and physiological considerations, leg fit and age requirements. Each gender has its specific requirements to ensure comfort and to prevent leakage. This may also be aided by leg bands /elastic bands around the leg. As regards, purpose disposable diapers also extend to include disposable underwear for purposes of toilet training.

The Cloth Diaper
There are different types of cloth diapers: flats, prefolds, fitted’ s, contours, hybrids, pockets, sleeve’s, In two’s, In One . In essence, these fall within a few key types of cloth diapers: Pocket diapers, All in One, All in Two’s and Prefolds .
– Pocket Diapers
A Pocket Diaper is essentially a type of diaper which has an internal pocket. This pocket allows the replacement of absorption pads to be inserted into the pocket. The pad is changed as and when the pad and diaper is soiled.
– All in One Diaper
An All-in-one in one diaper, this diaper requires no add on or inserts as it has all in one fitted onto the waterproof diaper outer. This appears to maintain the concept of a disposable but is not and requires washing. The aspect of the time it takes to dry an all in one due to its thickness has turned many away from this design concept.
– All in Two’s
The all-in two’s work similar to the pocket diaper with the exception that instead of inserting the padding, the padding is clipped onto the main diaper. This is referred to as all in two’s as these are the only two [arts to the diaper for usage.
– Prefolds
Prefolds are rectangular nappies which have a thicker pile toward the middle as oppose to the side columns. These nappies are durable and hardwearing, yet some may find intimidating to use at first. These would require a waterproof outer to ensure there is no leakage and remains waterproof.

The various types of diapers and nappies differ as well by the types of material they use. The materials used range from rather basic to sophisticated materials.
With regard to cotton nappies, cotton is the source material used as the core of the nappy, some prefer utilising cotton nappies as opposed to others who prefer other natural resources for the diapers.
Bamboo diapers conversely utilised bamboo in the core of the diaper to ensure absorption, in so doing also ensuring greater hygiene conditions.
Other disposable diapers would use an array of materials in the creation od the disposable diaper. These may differ vastly in its absorption capability as compared to bamboo diapers.

Spoilt for choice
As it currently stands, diaper or nappies, natural or synthetic, sophisticated features or not, provide a myriad of options to choose from. This however makes making the right choice daunting, but if not sure go with something hygienic, natural and what is most comfortable for baby.


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