We have seen over many years and perhaps decades and in our current times over days, the rapid evolution of technology.

The first bits of technological changes in the home arrived with the advent of the television set, the introduction of the scientific calculator, the change from analog to digital timepieces and a myriad of revolutionary changes drove innovation through advanced vehicle technology. Today we are able to control our world by the touch of an app on our cellular phone devices. Our world has changed over-night

Have we however considered whether the diaper would ever break its bounds’?


The Tech up-to-now

Initially, in recent history, the diaper had seen the advent of the tape to hold the diaper in place.

14. Photo by Padmavathi Ashok Kumar on Unsplash

In our more recent time frame, we have seen line indicators being introduced to give notification for the diaper requiring change for a fresh one. The most recent technological advancement has focused greatly on the hygiene and absorption capability of the diaper as well as its biodegradability.

This most recent advancement is being achieved through the usage of bamboo in the core of the diaper and Polyacrylate for enhanced absorption.

The Future of Diapers (a,

The question then arises as to how can the diaper fit in with our technological advancements and what may we expect from the ongoing development of the diaper?

When we consider the concept of technology, many things come to mind; smartphones, autonomous cars, autonomous flying machines, our smartwatch’s telling us everything about ourselves (including telling us what to do).


16.Future Diaper - Photo by Marvin Lewis on UnsplashIn these considerations, we would need to include and correlate the usage of diapers. These ideas may include notifications that the diaper has been used, the number of times the diaper has been used, perhaps through the number of notification which has been set off resulting in tracking and trends being created. These ideas sound similar to other things we may do, tracking, receiving notifications, observing trends in the gym and in our own healthcare. It is along with these considerations that diaper technology is currently being researched and developed.

The objective is to enable notifications to be received by the parent when the diaper is used, thus ensuring that preparations are made for a fresh diaper. These notifications may be sent to a smartphone or eventually to smartwatches.


These notifications may similarly be tracked and these trends could then be observed over time. An example of such would be a higher usage trend of diapers used in summer as opposed to winter. This would raise questions as to why such higher usage in the months of summer. This could as well be answered by considering high liquid intake during summer days or this could be healthcare-related considerations (certain illnesses or fever, etc.). This may, however, allow for budgetary forecasting ensuring a sufficient amount of diapers during these summer months or during illnesses.

This type of technological advancement would aid in not just observation but in hygiene overall good baby health and long-term advanced healthcare.



There is a considerable amount of technological advancement which we may in our near future. These advancements in diaper technology would make baby care much easier and that’s what the future of diapers should be!





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